Acacia Wood Pellet

Wood pellet
buy Acacia Wood Pellet is a solid fuel that is produced by crushing and densifying waste timber like sawdust, forestry residues, forestry wastes. The length is 1-4cm and the diameter is generally 6, 8, 10, or 12mm. It is possible to produce 25mm wood pellet at maximum. In Sweden, 6mm wood pellet is encouraged to use in house as it can realize the best condition of combustion. Wood pellet production doesn’t need to add binder as lignin, an element of wood, plays a role of binder and helps to pelletize when it is melted by Acacia Wood Pellet.

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For smokers, acacia wood pellets are a great option. Suitable for smoking foods like fish, poultry, beef, lamb, and vegetables as well as hog.

Even the rather tough meat of wild birds (goose, ducks, partridges, etc.) softens and becomes juicy, taking on a distinctive flavor and a subtly sweet taste. Wood pellets are a pressed product with a 6–8 mm diameter and 5–30 mm length. When making shish kebab, wood pellets are also utilized as an additional taste. The product has a distinct wood flavor thanks to the smoke produced by smoldering when granules are placed to the primary coals.

Product Name: Biomass Pellets Fuel
Name: Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Biofuels
Application: Heating system
Density: 1100-1300kg/M3 Min
Diameter: 6mm-8mm
Shape: Stick
Length: 10mm-40mm
Calory(J): 4500
Moisture: 2%
Ash Content: 0.50%
Material: Mixed Wood
Wood Pellets: Bio Fuel
Color: Customer’s Request
Type: Pure Wood Pellets
Raw Material: Pine Material
Packing: 25kg/bag
Package: 15kg Plastic bags


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